System Testing


With our range of dedicated hardware test equipment and software test suites we are able to cover all aspects of testing; from developing automation scripts, driver and protocol conformance and SNMP MIB verification through to black box regression testing.


CubeRoot has broad range of experience in all aspects of software and hardware testing. With experience of a range of standard protocols and driver development, we are confident that we can apply our knowledge to any test requirement.

Testing services is complimented by our experience of low-level driver development, system control and protocol stack development.

Hardware Test
  • Analysers
  • Racks - Soak Test
  • Test house 'babysitting'
Experience in hardware testing:
Frame card testing, Q.922/Q.932 protocol analysis.
Bug reporting Tool experience such as ClearCase
Driver and Protocol Conformance
  • Automated test scripts
  • Custom-built test suites
  • Black-box testing
Experience in conformance testing:
ISDN CAS testing
Functional Regression Testing
  • Automated test scripts
  • Custom-built test suites
  • Black-box testing
Experience in conformance testing:
Automated Temux hardware error generator
Test Suites and Scripting
  • Adaptable SNMP test suite
  • Automated/Semi-automated scripts
  • Requirement driven testing
Experience in conformance testing:
SNMP agent testing


The following set of case studies is an example of the work we have conducted in the field of low-level driver development. These projects have been conducted on commission for both medium and large companies including Ericsson and Motorola.

ISDN Monitor And Decoder
  • Windows based
  • EuroISDN decoding
  • Filtering of ISDN messages
  • Storage and offline decoding
Time-stamped message flows, custom colour settings. Time capture mode, allowing hours or even days of message analysis.
Frame Card Testing
  • In-house soak tests
  • Dedicated test equipment
  • Range of protocol traffic tests
Full equiped hardware test facilities dedicated to frame card reliabilty testing. We provide an on-going service to companies wish to improve their reliabilty standard of their frame relay card production. Applying an extensive range of protocol traffic tests and 24 hour soak tests we're able to highlight production faults prior to shipping; improving the quality standard of the company.
SNMP Conformance
  • Customer Proprietary MIB
  • Full conformance testing
  • Automated test suite
To test the conformance of a customer's telecom card to their own MIB we designed and wrote a set of test scripts covering all aspects of over 150 MIB OIDs. Conformance to the MIB was tested at a level in accordance with the customer's requirements allowing flaws to be identified and dealt with quickly.

In order to fully test the MIB our test suite was designed to handle protocol communications outside of the SNMP system. By integrating external protocols into the test suite a suitable level of functional testing was possible through setup and interrogation of both the front and back-ends of the system.

Full regression tests of the system have been conducted, not only on new revisions of the original card, but also to ensure conformance to the MIB on new cards.
ISDN CAS Development
  • Linux Based Media Gateway development
  • Multiple Variant Protocol support
Customer requirement driven project with the development of multiple CAS protocol stacks, integrated into a media gateway. Fully tested and documented inhouse.
Full Product System Test
  • Hardware test and calibration
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Industry standard protcols: SNMP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP.
  • Taken through Emissions testing
Full tests from hardware to protocols in-house. Taken through official emissions compliance testing.
Protocol Error Generator
  • MIB-II statistics gathering
  • Communication protocol error generator
  • Protocol tested against standard hardware
MIB-II conformance with full communication protocol testing. Hardware and protocol errors were accurately generated through a specialised test suite, developed in-house. Development conducted on embedded linux and VxWorks platforms. All fully tested and documented.

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