About CubeRoot

CubeRoot Ltd. is an experienced software development house, founded in 2001 from an offshoot of the research and development arm of Ericsson. Our offices are centrally located in Leicester, in the East Midlands. (Map and directions here)

Primarily a communications based consultancy but with the capability to deliver a wide range of general software and network solutions, from hardware and system design through to application development and system testing.

We provide software solutions in the majority of mainstream languages, specialising in C++ and Java, and can develop or port any protocol stack. We have extensive experience in managing software projects from the requirements phase right through to fully tested and approved products.

Software Solutions
  • Embedded software using a variety of real-time operating systems
  • Extensive C++ knowledge
  • Microsoft Windows development (MFC) for front end applications
  • Java development
  • Protocol stack development and portation
  • Linux development
  • Approvals consultancy
  • Automation and test management solutions development
Network Solutions

Our network solutions range from simple dial-up homeworking scenarios, upgrades of all types of hardware and software (including servers, networks, PCs, workstations, operating systems and applications) to LAN/WAN infrastructure design, implementation and support.

Our project team will ensure that your assignments are completed on time, within budget, to specification and to your complete satisfaction.

Test Solutions

We also have a significant test and test management capability, let us help you with the verification of your datacoms product.

Contact Details

If you would like to know more about how Cuberoot can help you, please contact

Cuberoot Ltd.
82 Broad Street, Syston
Leicester, LE7 1GH
+44 (0)116 260 3545
+44 (0)116 262 8090



Areas of Expertise

Our Programming Languages & Environment Experience:

Web design & development

J2EE, EJB and JavaBeans, JSP, Servlets, Applets, JavaScript

Macromedia product range development

Dreamweaver Ultradev4, JRun4,etc

Operating Systems

UNIX – SunOS/Solaris

Red Hat Linux 7.3

Windows XP/NT/2000/9x


Real Time Operating Systems

pSOS, VxWorks, VRTX, OSP.

Software Languages

C/C++ - Embedded development & API

VBasic, UNIX Shell Scripts, Assembler (Z80 68k I960 PowerPC), Perl, Erlang, Cobol, SQL.

Direct X 8.1 development

Design Methodologies

Yourdon, Schlaer Mellor, Booch, Backus Naur, UML.


PC (Microsoft and Linux),

Sun SparcStation


ISDN Basic and Primary Rate (American & European standards)

  • Off-the-shelf stacks available – EuroIsdn, DASS-2, etc.
  • Portation of major stacks, experience in Trillium, Telenetworks, Netbricks, WindRiver.
  • Expert knowledge to confidently test your project prior to conformance at any test house, European and American.
  • Analysis of protocols and assessment of problems, both networking and interworking.
  • Embedded and Application development including specialist hardware driver development.

Solutions already delivered

  • IP over Frame Relay over ATM solutions designed and delivered.
  • Dialup and homeworking integrated service with dialback and CLI recognition for security.
  • Mixed Linux and Microsoft network to deliver own company services.
  • MS Access based test management system.

Protocol knowledge

  • Ericsson GPRS General Packet Radio Service – Protocols.
  • Knowledge of LAN/WAN/Voice/Wireless protocols and technologies including Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, RIP, SNMP, Frame Relay (FRF1.1, FRF2.1, FRF3.1, FRF.5 & 8.1, FRF13), FR LMI (Q.933 A, T1.617 D), E1/T1, ADSL, ATM, PSTN, TDM, PCM, ADPCM, G703/704, V24, V28, V35, V36, X21, X25, X75, TripleX, ISDN (Q921, Q931), VoFR, VOIP, Sonet/SDH.

Products used in the delivered solutions

  • Cisco Routers (2500, 2600, 3600) Catalyst 2924 XL.
  • Cisco Network Management Tools - Cisco Configmaker, Cisco TFTP Server.
  • Chase Research IOLAN Terminal Server.
  • Ericsson AXD301 Frame Relay/ATM Backbone Switch and Ericsson AXD330/PFA 660 multi-protocol access switch (Ethernet, X.25, Frame Relay and ATM), AXI510 Edge Router.
  • Ericsson(GDC) AXD311.
  • Nortel DMS 100 Switch - Servord, DMOPRO, MAPCI, Traver and Logutil.
  • Nortel Proximity I Fixed Wireless Access.
  • Microsoft IIS, Building and configuring PC’s for the Internet.

Analyser experience

  • Test analysers - Adtech AX4000, Smartbits SM2000, HP BSTS, HP Idacom, Niagara AM2-A, Sniffer Pro, Ganymede Chariot, Qcheck.
  • Hardware Analysers – Tektronics/HP/Dolch Bus state analyser and logic analysers. ICE for all CPU types.

Customers supported

  • Considerable customer support experience in both U.K and Overseas - Vodafone GPRS UK, BT, Telstra Australia, Sonera Finland, Ionica UK, Golden Bridge Beijing and Foreign Government Organisations.

Projects undertaken

Major Projects delivered

  • Ericsson AXD301 Frame Relay Capability – Hardware/Software design, test and delivery of a card into a main line Ericsson carrier class ATM switch. AXD301 is presently offered as a key part of the Ericsson GPRS and Engine solutions.
  • Ericsson AXI511 - Specification, design and delivery of a family of high availability CompactPCI development platform, including project management of external suppliers and in-house designers. Presently used in the Ericsson VoIP solution as the AXI511 and the main company SS7 gateway as the AXC902 for use in G2, G2.5 and G3.
  • Ericsson PFA Range (Eripax) - Specification, design, manufacture and delivery of a range of Enterprise products from 3 port (2 WAN + LAN) up to 20 ports (18WAN + 2 LAN). Offering: ATM, Frame Relay, IP, X.25, SNA and other protocols.
Managerial/Business Experience & Project Management

Track record of achievement in managerial and technical roles, built up over 20 years of working in various key communication companies.

  • Business - Running the engineering department, with budgetary responsibility of £2.5M.
  • Managerial - Full management responsibility for the motivation, career, aspirations and interests of all engineering staff.
  • Project Management – All operations fully controlled to in-house/customer standards, to enable timely and cost efficient delivery of the finished project.