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With our range of adaptable software test suites we are able to cover all aspects of testing and development; from proprietary MIBs to SNMP agents, allowing full SNMP verification through to automated regression testing.


CubeRoot has broad range of experience in all aspects of SNMP development and testing.
Testing services is complimented by our experience of low-level driver development, system control and protocol stack development.

SNMP Test Suite
  • Script based tests
  • Test conformance to standard mibs
  • Test conformance to customer mibs
  • Test protocols other than SNMP
  • Combine front and back-end system tests
Scripts for automated tests written as required, scripts can be repeatedly used to conduct inexpensive regression tests on any future revision of the system.

Degree of testing is variable according to customer requirements: from basic conformance, range checks and other error checks, through to functional conformance.

Test suite expandable to include protocol interfaces to provide functional conformance and test protocol interfaces other than SNMP.

Tests may be fully automated or utilise various levels of user interaction to provide the flexibility to test different system configurations with a reduced number of scripts.
SNMP Agent and MIB Development
  • SNMP Protocol implementation
  • MIB II implementation
  • Communication statistics
  • Proprietry MIB design and implementation
  • SNMP Traps raised on demand
  • Fully tested to standard and customer MIBs
Embedded development of an SNMP agents, even on chips with limited memory capacity. Developments including full SNMP protocol implementations designed to handle all SNMP transactions. Providing SNMP presence on any network with MIB-II conformance, to provide true SNMP v2c compliance including detailed communication statistics gathering.

Development of a proprietry MIBs, fully implemented, including the ability to raise SNMP traps during alarm conditions dictated by the system.

Systems fully tested against industry standard equipment and SNMP manager software aswell as full MIB conformance tests conducted with our in-house automated test suite.


The following set of case studies is an example of the work we have conducted in the field of SNMP testing. These projects have been conducted on commission for both medium and large companies including Motorola.

MIB II Conformance
  • Over 2500 automated tests
  • Tailored requirements
  • Functional and regression testing
A complete set of test scripts totalling over 2500 tests conducted to test the customers implementation of MIB-II on a state of the art telecom card. Conformance to MIB-II was tested according to the customers unique requirements and regression testing was easily conducted due to the level of automation inherent to the tests.

As well as standard testing, a level of functional testing was conducted to ensure full conformance to MIB-II as implemented.
  • Over 150 MIB OIDs tested
  • Customer MIB
  • Functional and regression testing
  • Integrated front-end and back-end tests
To test the conformance of a customer's telecom card to their own MIB we designed and wrote a set of test scripts covering all aspects of over 150 MIB OIDs. Conformance to the MIB was tested at a level in accordance with the customer's requirements allowing flaws to be identified and dealt with quickly.

In order to fully test the MIB our test suite was designed to handle protocol communications outside of the SNMP system. By integrating external protocols into the test suite a suitable level of functional testing was possible through setup and interrogation of both the front and back-ends of the system.

Full regression tests of the system have been conducted, not only on new revisions of the original card, but also to ensure conformance to the MIB on new cards.
Embedded SNMP Agent Development
  • Embedded SNMP v2c Agent implementation
  • MIB II implementation including statistics gathering
  • Proprietry MIB design and implementation
  • Quick regression test turnaround
  • Tailored requirements
  • Flexible testing arrangements
Fully implemented SNMP v2c protocol as an embedded agent within a customers product running on a chip with limited memory capacity. Providing SNMP presence on any network with suitable levels of device control to cover MIB-II conformance. Design included the capability to raise proprietry SNMP Traps on demand according to system requirements.

The customer's proprietry MIB was also designed and developed in-house in accordance to the customer's requirements. This was fully tested using our automated SNMP test suite.
Also a reduced set of test scripts were developed to test the customer's partial implementation of MIB-II. The tests kept in mind the customer's requirements of a fast turnaround on regression tests whilst covering conformance to MIB-II as implemented. Complete automation allowed fast regression testing and the customer was able to make alterations and corrections quickly.

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